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Proto-Sociology Vol. 39 – 2022, Physicalism, or Something Near Enough: In memory of Jaegwon Kim, Ed. by Terry Horgan and Brian McLaughlin

Volume 38 –2021: Thirty Years of ProtoSociology
Three Decades between Disciplines
ed. by Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter, and Reuss-Markus Krausse

Volume 37 –2020: Populism and Globalization, ed. by Barrie Axford and Manfred B. Steger

Volume 36 – 2019: Senses of Self: Approaches to Pre-Reflective Self-Awareness, Marc Borner, Manfred Frank, and Kenneth Williford

Volume 35, 2018,Joint Commitments: Critical Essays on the Philosophy of Sociality of Margaret Gilbert with Her Comments, ed. by Gerhard Preyer and Georg Peter

Volume 34 – 2017: Meaning and Publicity

Volume 33 – 2016: The Borders of Global Theory – Reflections from Within and Without 

Vol. 32, 2015 Making and Un-making Modern Japan

Vol. 31, 2014 Language and Value

Vol. 30, 2013 Concepts – Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

Vol. 29, 2012 China's Modernization II

Vol. 28, 2011 China's Modernization I

Vol. 27, 2011 Modernization in Times of Globalization II

Vol. 26, 2009 Modernization in Times of Globalization I

Vol. 25, 2008 Philosophy of Mathematics– Set Theory, Measuring Theories, and Nominalism

Vol. 24, 2007 Shmuel N. Eisenstadt: Multiple Modernities – A Paradigm of Cultural and Social Evolution

Vol. 23, 2006  Facts, Slingshots and Anti-Representationalism On Stephen Neale’s Facing Facts; ed. by Gerhard Preyer and Georg Peter




Published Volumes – ProtoSociology

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Vol. 22, 2006 Compositionality, Concepts and Representations II: New Problems in Cognitive Science

Vol. 21, 2005 Compositionality, Concepts and Representations I: New Problems in Cognitive Science

Vol. 20, 2004 World-System Analysis: Contemporary Directions and Research, ed. by Richard E. Lee and Gerhard Preyer

Vol. 18-19, 2003 Understanding the Social II: Philosophy of Sociality
Edited by Raimo Tuomela, Gerhard Preyer and Georg Peter

Vol. 17, 2002 Semantic Theory and Reported Speech

Vol. 16, 2002 Understanding the Social: New Perspectives from Epistemology

Vol. 15, 2001 On a Sociology of Borderlines: Social Process in Time of Globalization

Vol. 14, 2000 Folk Psychology, Mental Concepts and the Ascription of Attitudes: On Contemporary Philosophy of Mind

Vol. 13, 1999 Reasoning and Argumentation

Vol. 12, 1998 After the Received View - Developments in the Theory of Science

Vol. 11, 1998 Cognitive Semantics II - Externalism in Debate

Vol. 10, 1997 Cognitive Semantics I - Conceptions of Meaning

Vol. 8/9, 1996 Rationality II&III

Vol. 7, 1995 Structural Evolution

Vol. 6, 1994 Rationalität I (Interview with Noam Chomsky)

Vol. 5, 1993 Lebenswelt und System II

Vol. 4, 1993 Sprechakttheorie II

Vol. 3, 1992 Lebenswelt und System I

Vol. 2, 1992: Sprechakttheorie I

Vol. 1, 1992 Problemebenen, Foki und Rekonstruktionen