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Interpretation, Intentions and Propositional Attitudes

David K. Henderson: Epistemic Rationality, Epistemic Motivation, and Interpretive Charity 

Roger F. Gibson: Stich on Intentionality and Rationality 

Alfred Mele: Rational Intentions and the Toxin Puzzle 

John Heil: The Propositional Attitudes 

Volkmar Taube: Exemplifikatorische Darstellung. Zu den Grundlagen einer kognitiven Ästhetik 

Naturalized Epistemology, Rationality and Normativity

Paul K. Moser, David Yandell: Against Naturalizing Rationality 

Harvey Siegel: Naturalism, Instrumental Rationality and the Normativity of Epistemology 

Ralf Naumann: Internal Realism, Rationality and Dynamic Semantics 

Axel Wüstehube: Noch einmal: Rationalität und Normativität 

Rational Explanation, Reasoning and Justification

Philip Pettit: Three Aspects of Rational Explanation

Keith Lehrer: Rationality and Trustworthiness  

Alexander Ulfig: Stufen der Rechtfertigung




Concepts of Practical Rationality

Peter A. French: Rationality and Ethics; 

Pierre Kerszberg: Feeling and Coercion: Kant and the Deduction of Right 

Raymound Boudon: Une éthique est-elle possible en l'absence de croyances dogmatiques?  

Raimo Tuomela: Rational Cooperation and Collective Goals  

Wolfgang Welsch: Vernunft heute

State of the Art

Marcus Birke: Externalismus in der Philosophie des Geistes

Science and History

Joseph Agassi: Die gegenwärtige Rolle des 
Technik- und Wissenschaftshistorikers 



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Vol. 8-9, 1997

Rationality II & III (abstracts)