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Vol. 39, 2022,

Physicalism, or Something Near Enough
In memory of Jaegwon Kim

Ed. by Terry Horgan and Brian McLaughlin (abstracts)






Part I
Reduction and the Mental

A Critique of Kim’s Case That Classical Metaphysical Emergence is Incoherent
Brian P. McLaughlin

What’s Wrong With Nonreductive Physicalism? The Exclusion Problem Reconsidered
Kevin Morris

Overdetermination and Causal Closure: A Defense of the Causal Argument for Physicalism
Alyssa Ney

Multiple Types Physicalism:
Infirmities of Non-reductive Physicalism
Gerhard Preyer and Erwin Rogler

Part II
Nonreductive Physicalism?

Functional Reduction with a Third Step: a Larger and Less Reductive Picture
Ronald Endicott

The Prospects for Non-reductive Physicalism
Ausonio Marras

Property Identity and the Supervenience Argument
Joseph Mendola

Causal Exclusion and Grounding
David Pineda-Oliva





Part III
State of the Art

The Supervenient Causal Efficacy of Chromatically Illuminated Conscious Experience
David Henderson, Terry Horgan, Matjaž Potrč,
and Vojko Strahovnik

Armchair Methods in Philosophy of Mind
Christopher S. Hill

Curricullum Vitae, Publications
Jaegwon Kim (1934–2019)