The Journal

The Project


Vol. 37, 2020,

Populism and Globalization

Edited by Barrie Axford and Manfred B. Steger






Editorial: The Globalization of Populism
Barrie Axford and Manfred B. Steger

Part I Concepts and Contexts

Defining Populism and Fascism Relationally:
Exploring Global Convergences in Unsettled Times
Paul James

Vico and Populism: the Return to a ‘Barbarism of Reflection’
Rico Isaacs

Populism and Cosmopolitanism as a Unitary Structure
of Global Systemic Process: Notes and Graphs
Jonathan Friedman

No Going Back?
Late Modernity and the Populisation of Politics
Simon Tormey

Part II Global and (G)local incursions

Neoliberalism and Nationalist-Authoritarian Populism:
Explaining their Constitutive and Causal Connections
Heikki Patomäki

Populism and Worldwide Turbulence: a Glocal Perspective
Roland Robertson

Globalization, Cosmopolitanism and 21st Century Populism
Victor Roudometof

The Five Origins of European Populism:
The “Old Continent” Between Fixing Techno-Wars
And A Global Order In The Re-Making
Roland Benedikter



On Contemporary Philosophy

“But how is self-consciousness possible?”
Hölderlin’s criticism of Fichte in “Judgment and Being”
Jürgen Stolzenberg


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