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Introduction: Developments in the Theory of Science (Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter, Alexander Ulfig)

Logical Operationalism – Significance and Meaning

Wilhelm K. Essler Truth and Knowledge. Some Considerations concerning the Task of Philosophy of Science

Gerhard Preyer: The Received View, Incommensurability and Comparision of Theories - Beliefs as the Basis of Theorizing

Robert Schwartz: Reflections on Projection

Jeffrey E. Foss: The Logical and Sociological Structure of Science

Structuralism –
Meaningful Measurement –
the Concept of Physical Law

C. Ulises Moulines: Structuralism vs.Operationalism

Nicholas Rescher: Meaningless Numbers

R.I.G. Hughes: Laws of Nature, Laws of Physics, and the Representational Account of Theories

James R. Brown: Einstein's Principle Theory

Inductive Inferences – Interpretation of Probability – Game Theory

Kevin T. Kelly, Cory Juhl: Transcendental Deductions and Universal Architectures for Inductive Inferences

Howard H. Harriott: R.A. Fisher and the Interpretation of Probability

Brian Skyrms: Evolution of an Anomaly



Properties – Underdetermination –
Scientific Realism

George N. Schlesinger: Degrees of Characterizations

Carl A. Matheson: Observational Adequacy as distinct from the Truth about Observables

Thomas R. Grimes: Scientific Realism and the Problem of Underdetermination

Paul C.L. Tang: On Paul Churchland's Treatment of the Argument from Introspection and Scientific Realism

Rationality – Metaphors – Values in Science

David Resnik: Scientific Rationality and Epistemic Goals

Aldo Montesano: Rationality in Economics: A General Framework

Joseph Agassi: Science Real and Ideal: Popper and the Dogmatic Scientist

Michael Bradie: Models and Metaphors in Science

David Gruender: Values and the Philosophy of Science



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Vol. 12, 1999

After the Received View:
Developments in the Theory of Science

Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter, Andreas Ulfig (Eds.)