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Contents – (Sample/Abstracts)

Part I
Set Theory, Inconsistency, and Measuring Theories

Douglas Patterson
Representationalism and Set-Theoretic Paradox

Mark Colyvan
Who’s Afraid of Inconsistent Mathematics?

Andrew Arana
Logical and Semantic Puritiy

Wilhelm K. Essler
On Using Measuring Numbers according to Mea
suring Theories

Part II
The Challenge of Nominalism

Jody Azzouni
The Compulsion to Believe: Logical Inference and Normativity

Otávio Bueno
Nominalism and Mathematical Intuition

Yvonne Raley
Jobless Objects: Mathematical Posits in Crisis

Susan Vineberg
Is Indispensability Still a Problem for Fictionalism?


Part III
Historical Background

Madeline Muntersbjorn
Mill, Frege and the Unity of Mathematics

Raffaella De Rosa and Otávio Bueno
Descartes on Mathematical Essences

On Contemporary Philosophy and Sociology

Nicholas Rescher
Presumption an the Judgement of Elites

Steven I. Miller, Marcel Fredericks, Frank J. Perino
Social Science Research and Policymaking:
Meta-Analysis and Paradox

Adam Sennet
Hidden Indexicals and Pronouns

Nikola Kompa
Review: Stephen Schiffer, The Things We Mean

J. Gregory Keller
Agency Impli
es Weakness of Will


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Volume 25

Philosophy of Mathematics
Set Theory, Measuring Theories, and Nominalism