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Introduction (PDF) : Slingshot Arguments and the End of Representations
Gerhard Preyer and Georg Peter

Singshot Arguments and the Rejections of Facts

The Bigger Picture
Anita Avramides

The Philosophical Significance of Stephen Neale’s Facing Facts
Richard N. Manning

Facing Facts’ Consequences
Stephen Schiffer

Understanding ‘Because’
Helen Steward

The Metaphor of Correspondence
Marga Re



On Principle of Substitutivity for Singular Terms and Compositional Semantics

Neale, Russell and Frege on Facts
Jennifer Hornsby
Facts and Free Logic
Mark Sainsbury

Compositional Semantics
Gabriel Sandu

On Anti-Representationalism

Anti-Representationalism and Relativism
Carole Rovane

Representationalism and Realism
Olav Gjelsvik


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Volume 23

Facts, Slingshots and Anti-Representationalism
On Stephen Neale’s Facing Facts

Edited by Gerhard Preyer and Georg Peter