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The Project


Vol. 34, 2017 (forthcoming)

Meaning and Publicity

Edited by Richard N. Manning





Richard Manning

Part I
Historical Background

Speaking Your Mind: Expression in Locke’s Theory of Language
Lewis Powell

Meaning, Communication, and the Mental
Patrick Rysiew

Intentionality and Publicity
Madeleine Arseneault

Part II
Meaning and Interpretation

Quine, Publicity, and Pre-Established Harmony 
Gary Kemp

Reflections on Davidsonian Semantic Publicity
Richard Manning

Meaning, Publicity and Knowledge
Marija Jankovic and Greg Ray

Part III
Contemporary Criticisms and Developments

A Puzzle about Context and Communicative Acts
Daniel Harris

The Publicity of Meaning and the Perceptual Approach to Speech Comprehension
Berit Brogaard  

Local Meaning, Public Offense
Robert Shanklin