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Vol. 34, 2017

Meaning and Publicity

Edited by Richard N. Manning (abstracts)





Meaning and Publicity: Two Traditions
Richard Manning

Part I
Historical Background

Speaking Your Mind: Expression in Locke’s Theory of Language
Lewis Powell

Meaning, Communication, and the Mental
Patrick Rysiew

Intentionality and Publicity
Madeleine Arseneault

Part II
Meaning and Interpretation

Quine, Publicity, and Pre-Established Harmony 
Gary Kemp

Reflections on Davidsonian Semantic Publicity
Richard Manning

Meaning, Publicity and Knowledge
Marija Jankovic and Greg Ray

Part III
Contemporary Criticisms and Developments

A Puzzle about Context and Communicative Acts
Daniel Harris

The Publicity of Meaning and the Perceptual Approach to Speech Comprehension
Berit Brogaard  

Local Meaning, Public Offense
Robert Shanklin

On Contemporary
Linguistics and Sociology

Analyses on Arbitrariness of Chinese Characters from the Perspective of Morphology
Feng Li

Formal Semantics of English Sentences with Tense and Aspect.
Wenyan Zhang

The Axial Age and Modernity: From Max Weber to Karl Jaspers and Shmuel Eisenstadt
Vittorio Cotesta

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