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Building bridges within and across Husserlian phenomenology. Joona Taipale (Dan Zahavi. Husserl’s Legacy. Phenomenology, Metaphysics & Transcendental Philosophy, Oxford University Press, 2017, 236 pages.)

Building the Physical World out of Powerful Properties. Lauren Ashwell (Alexander Bird, Nature's Metaphysics: Laws and Properties, Oxford University Press: Oxford 2007, 256 pages)

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Cross-cultural Universals or Cultural
Giuseppe Cambiano
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Does "'Quotation'" Quote "Quotation"?,
Paul Saka
, (Herman Cappelen and Ernie Lepore. Language Turned on Itself. Oxford: Oxford UP 2007. 169 pages)


Reviews Philosophy

In this constantly growing section section we publish reviews on new remarkable publications and those who didn't get the attention they deserve. In difference to other journals these reviews do not concentrate only on the content but consider their subject in a broader or even more specialized view which gives them also an essayistic character.

Heady Stuff: Joseph Mendola's Anti-
, Dion Scott-Kakures
(Joseph Mendola. Anti-Externalism Oxford GB: Oxford University Press 2008. 351 pages)

Remarks on Koslicki's Theory of Mereological Hylomorphism, Andrew L. McFarland (Kathrin Koslicki. The Structure of Objects. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2008. 288 pages)

A Detour through some Traditional
, Shaun Gallagher
(Robert Hanna and Michelle Maiese. Embodied Minds in Action. Oxford GB: Oxford University Press 2009. 432 pages)

Conscious Intentions and Mental Causes, Adrian Haddock (Alfred R. Mele. Effective Intentions: The Power of Conscious Will. New York: Oxford University Press 2009. 178 pages)

A Review of Neil Feit's "Belief about the Self", Stephan Torre (Neil Feit. Belief about the Self. Oxford GB: Oxford University Press 2008. 216 pages)

Where "When Truth Gives Out" Gives Out, Derek Ball (Mark Richard. When Truth Gives Out. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2008. 180 pages)

Review of E. Sosa's "Apt Belief and
Reflective Knowledge," Volumes I and II
, J. Adam Carter
(Part I. A Virtue Epistemology: Apt Belief and Reflective
Knowledge, Volume I)

Yablo on Mind and Modality, Dilip Ninan(Stephen Yablo. Thoughts: Philosophical Papers, Volume I. Oxford GB: Oxford University Press 2008. 336 pages)