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Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Gerhard Preyer

Department of Social Science, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany

Special Fields and Subjects of Lectures: 

Philosophy: philosophy of language and mind

Sociology: sociological theory and comparative sociology


Editorial-office: Stephan-Heise-Str. 56, D-60488 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 

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Phone: (049)069-769461

Editor and Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff:

Dr. phil. Georg Peter, M.A.

Special Fields:

Philosophy: (analytical) aesthetics, the philosophy of Nelson Goodman and Hans Lenk, theories of interpretation, philosophy of language. 

Literary studies: hermeneutics, parody, Robert Musil, Robert Neumann, text theories

Sociology: theories of communication


Frankfurter Str. 122, 63067 Offenbach am Main, Germany.

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Dr. phil Reuß-Markus Krauß: China's Modernization

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