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Proto-Sociology Vol. 39 – 2022, Physicalism, or Something Near Enough: In memory of Jaegwon Kim, Ed. by Terry Horgan and Brian McLaughlin, ISBN: 9783746037851, 49,50€


Volume 38 –2021:
Thirty Years of ProtoSociology
Three Decades between Disciplines
ed. by Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter, and Reuss-Markus Krausse, ISBN: 9783755700760, 49,50€


Volume 37 –2020: Populism and Globalization, ed. by Barrie Axford and Manfred B. Steger, ISBN: 9783753481746, 49,50€


Volume 33, 2016
Borders of Global Theory – Reflections from Within and Without
, ISBN 9783744838924, 49,50€


Vol 32, 2015
Making and Un-Making Modern Japan, ISBN 9783837077780, 32.–€

Vol. 29, 2012
China's Modernization II
, ISBN 9783738641646, 32.-€


Vol. 28, 2011
China's Modernization I
, ISBN 9783734761270, 32.-€




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In principle ProtoSociology is an electronic journal. But with our Books on Demand service we offer the latest volumes worldwide as books: high quality printing and binding on special paper with a professional layout.

Books and E-books – starting with vol. 28 – can be ordered through around 1000 shops worldwide. Ask your favorite online shop or book dealer. Customers from Germany, Switzerland, or Austria can also use the shoplinks below:

Volume 36 – 2019: Senses of Self: Approaches to Pre-Reflective Self-Awareness, Marc Borner, Manfred Frank, and Kenneth Williford, ISBN: 9783749486786, 49,50€


Volume 35, 2018,Joint Commitments: Critical Essays on the Philosophy of Sociality of Margaret Gilbert with Her Comments, edited by Gerhard Preyer and Georg Peter, ISBN: 9783748126645, 49,50€


Volume 34, 2017
Meaning and Publicity
, ISBN: 9783746034508, 49,50€


Vol. 31, 2014
Language and Value
, edited by Jiang Yi and Ernest Lepore, ISBN 9783738622478,

Vol. 30, 2013
Concepts – Contemporary and Historical Perspectives
, ISBN 9783738641653, 32.-€






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ProtoSociology cooperates with the Philosophy Documentation Center. The PDC provides worldwide access to our collected editions, especially for institutional subscribers but also for individuals. Single access and subscription is possible. Also every article – starting with vol. 1 – can be ordered separately.