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Vol. 31, 2014
Language and Value
, (GER), (BoD), ISBN 9783738622478, 32.-€

Vol. 30, 2013
Concepts – Contemporary and Historical Perspectives
, (GER), (BoD), ISBN 9783738641653, 32.-€


ProtoSociology – Books on Demand

In principle ProtoSociology is an electronic journal. But with our new Books on Demand service we are starting to offer volumes worldwide as books. High quality printing and binding on special paper with a professional layout.

The books can be ordered through around 1000 shops worldwide. German readers can use the (GER) link or – also for Austria and Switzerland – use the (BoD) link. Or you ask your favorite online shop or book dealer.

Vol 32, 2015
Making and Un-Making Modern Japan, (GER), (BoD), ISBN 9783837077780, 32.–€

Vol. 29, 2012
China's Modernization II
, (GER), (BoD), ISBN 9783738641646, 32.-€

Vol. 28, 2011
China's Modernization I
, (GER), (BoD), ISBN 9783734761270, 32.-€