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Contents (abstracts)

Alvin I. Goldman
Folk Psychology and Mental Concepts

Philip Pettit
How the Folk Understand Folk Psychology

Jane Heal
Understanding Other Minds from the Inside

Christopher S. Hill
From Assertion to Belief: The Role of Linguistic Data in the Practice of Belief-Ascription

David M. Rosenthal
Content, Interpretation, and Consciousness

Jay L. Garfield
Thought as Language: A Metaphor Too Far

Robert M. Gordon
Sellars's Ryleans Revisited

Rebecca Kukla
How to Get an Interpretivist Committed

David Pitt
Nativism and the Theory of Content


Raffaella De Rosa
On Fodor's Claim that Classical Empiricists and Rationalists Agree on the Innateness of Ideas

Consuelo Preti
Belief and Desire Under The Elms

Erwin Rogler
On David Lewis' Philosophy of Mind

Barbara Von Eckardt, Jeffrey S. Poland
In Defense of the Standard View

On Contemporary Philosophy of Language and Moral Theory

Thomas Baldwin
Nearly Logic

Arend Kulenkampff, Frank Siebelt
What a Noncognitivist might tell a Moral Realist


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Vol. 14, 2000

Folk Psychology, Mental Concepts and the Ascription of Attitudes: On Contemporary Philosophy of Mind