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Sofia Miguens
D. Dennett’s Brand of Anti-Representationalism: a Key to Philosophical Issues of Cognitive Science

Kent Johnson
Externalist Thoughts and the Scope of Linguistics

Christopher Viger
Presentations and Symbols: What Cognition Requires for Representationalism

Elka Shortsleeve and Kelly Trogdon
Perceptual Content

Diana I. Perez
The Nonconceptual Contents of our Mind

Urzula Zeglen
From Representation and Identification to Misrepresentation and Misidentification

Liza Skidelsky
Personal-Subpersonal: The Problems of Inter-level Relations

Anne Bezuidenhout
VP-Ellipsis and the Case for Representationalism in Semantics



On Contemporary Philosophy

Nicholas Rescher
Science and Reality

Steven Miller, Marcel Fredericks
Mixed Methods and Ontological Commitments


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Vol. 22, 2006 – see also vol. 21

Compositionality, Concepts and Representations II:
New Problems in Cognitive Science