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I Membership and Collective Commitments

Raimo Tuomela and Maj Tuomela
Acting as a Group Member and Collective Commitments

Kay Mathiesen
On Collective Identity

Maj Tuomela
A Collective's Rational Trust in a Collective's Action

Ulrich Baltzer
Social Action in Large Groups

II Collective Intentionality and Social Institutions

Stephen Turner
What do we Mean by 'We'?

John Davis
Collective Intentionality Analysis, Complex Economic Behavior, and Valuation

Seumas Miller
Social Institutions, Collective Goods and Individual Rights

Cristiano Castelfranchi
The Micro-Macro Constitution of Power

III Social Facts and Social Practices

Amie Thomasson
Foundation for a Social Ontology

Antti Saaristo
The Objectivity of Social Facts

Petri Ylikoski
Explaining Practices

Steven Miller
Some Notes on Ontological Commitment and the Social Sciences



IV On Margaret Gilbert's Proposal of Collective Belief

Christopher McMahon
Two Modes of Collective Belief

K. Brad Wray
What Really Divides Gilbert and the Rejectionists?

Anthonie Meijers
Why accept Collective Beliefs?

Deborah Perron Tollefsen
Rejecting Rejectionism

On Social Epistemology and Terrorism in Time of Globalization

Patrick Rysiew
Goldman's Knowledge in a Social World:
Correspondence Truth and the Place of Justification in a Veritistic Social Epistemology

A. J. Bergesen
Is Terrorism Globalizing?


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Vol. 18-19 2003

Understanding the Social II:
Philosophy of Sociality

Raimo Tuomela, Gerhard Preyer, and Georg Peter (Eds.)