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Contents – Abstracts (pdf)

The Meaning of What is Said and the Ascription of Attitudes

Emma Borg
The Semantic Significance of What is Said

Cara Spencer
Representing what others say

Jonathan Sutton
The Things People Say

Sanford Goldberg
Reported Speech and the Epistemology of Testimony

Eros Corazza
Reports and Imagination

Propositional Content and Cognitive Structure

David Hunter
On Representing the Content of Speech

Max Freund
Conceptual Realism and Interpretation

Corey Washington
Content Partialism and Davidson's Dilemma

Steve Gross
Vagueness, Indirect Speech Reports, and the World


On Contemporary Philosophy and Social Science

Hans Lenk
Epistemological Remarks Concerning
the Concepts "Theory" and "Theoretical Concepts"

Steven Miller and Marcel Fredericks
Hypothesis Testing and the Social Sciences: Some Ontological Issues


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Vol. 17, 2002

Semantic Theory and Reported Speech