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Multiple Modernization

Contemporary Globalization, New Intercivilizational Visions and
Hegemonies: Transformation of Nation-States
Shmuel N. Eisenstadt

Multipolarity means thinking plural: Modernities
Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Postmodernism and Globalization
Omar Lizardo and Michael Strand

Latin American Modernities: Global, Transnational, Multiple,
Luis Roniger

Institutions, Modernity, and Modernization
Fei-Ling Wang

The Structure of the Global Legal System

Modern Society and Global Legal System as Normative Order of
Primary and Secondary Social Systems—An Outline of A
Communication Theory of Law
Werner Krawietz

International Justice and the Basic Needs Principle
David Copp



Case Studies

Spatial Struggles: State Disenchantment and Popular
Re-appropriation of Space in Rural Southeast China
Mayfair Mei-hui Yang

Re-Engineering the “Chinese Soul” in Shanghai?
Aihwa Ong

Territorial Stigmatization in the Age of Advanced Marginality
Loïc Wacquant

Quixote, Bond, Rambo: Cultural Icons of Hegemonic Decline
Albert J. Bergesen

On Contemporary Philosophy
and Sociology

Implicature, Appropriateness and Warranted Assertability
Ron Wilburn

Is the Whole More than the Sum of its Parts?
Matthias Thiemann


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Vol. 26/2009 and 27/2010

Modernization in Times of Globalization I