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Vol. 36, 2019 – forthcoming

Senses of Self Approaches to Pre-Reflective Self-Awareness

Edited by Marc Borner, Manfred Frank, and Kenneth Williford





I Phenomenology and Fichte’s Original Insight

Form ‚Fichte’s Original Insight‘ to a Moderate Defence of Self-Representationalism
Manfred Frank

From Metafact to Metaphysics: The Late Phase of the Heidelberger
James  G. Hart 

The Fichte-Shoemaker Regress, Self-Acquaintance, and De Se Content
Kenneth Williford

The Puzzle of the 'I think'?
Gerhard Seel

Extrospectionist Theories of Self-knowledge and the Phenomenology of self-consciousness – with Reference to Husserl, Natrop, and Amie Thomasson reading of Husserl
Chad Kidd

II  Pre-reflective Self-Awareness and Higher Order Thoughts

The Virtue of Parsimony: Non-Representational-Self-Awareness and the Excess Baggage Critique of Higher-Order Representationalism
Matthew Eshleman

Reflecting on Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness
Robert J. Howell

Higher-Order Thoughts, Indexed Essentially
Josh Weisberg

Self-Awareness and Self-Presenting
Terence Horgan

Why Phenomenal Consciousness entails Self-consciousness: A Phenomenological Perspective
Dan Zahavi, Felipe León

Towards a Non-self-representational Account of Pre-reflective Self-awareness
Kristina Musholt

Varieties of Non-reflective Self-apprehension
Anna Giustina



III Bodily Self, Neuroscience, and Psychiatry Approaches

The Senses of a Bodily self
Shaun Gallager

Can Pre-reflective Self-consciousness be impaired? How should we understand Ego-disorders in Psychosis?
Andreas Heinz

A Model of Neuroscientific Roots of Pre-reflective Self-awareness
Marc Borner

IV Debate: First Person and Non-Conceptual Consciousness

Self-Awareness, Subjectivity, and the First-Person
Tomis Kapitan

Non-Conceptual Egological Self-Awareness
Stefan Lang