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Vol. 36, 2019

Senses of Self: Approaches to Pre-Reflective Self-Awareness

Edited by Marc Borner, Manfred Frank, and Kenneth Williford





Introduction: Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness and the De Se Constraint:  The Legacy of the Heidelberg School
Marc Borner, Manfred Frank, Kenneth Williford

I. Fichte’s Original Insight

From “Fichte’s Original Insight” to a Moderate Defence of Self-Representationalism
Manfred Frank

From Metafact to Metaphysics in the “Heidelberg School”
James G. Hart 

The “I Think” What it is all About: Self-Knowing, Self-Thinking, Self-Consciousness
Gerhard Seel  

II. Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness and the Transparency of Consciousness

Reflexivity, Transparency, and Illusionism: Engaging Garfield
Dan Zahavi

Reflecting on Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness
Robert J. Howell

Varieties of Self-Apprehension
Anna Giustina 

What has Transparency to do with Husserlian Phenomenology?
Chad Kidd 

Towards a Non-Self-Representational Account of Pre-Reflective Self-Awareness
Kristina Musholt

Liminal Manifestation and the Elusive Nature of Consciousness
Matthew C. Eshleman

III. Self-Awareness, Higher-Order Thoughts and Self-Acquaintance

Pre-Reflective vs. Reflexive Self-Awareness
Terence Horgan

Subjective Character, the Ego and De Se Representation: Phenomenological, Metaphysical and Representational Considerations on Pre-Reflective Self-awareness
Miguel Ángel Sebastián

Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness and the Heidelberg Problem
Josh Weisberg

Some Comments on Josh Weisberg's "Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness and the Heidelberg Problem"
Gerhard Preyer

Self-Acquaintance and Three Regress Arguments
Kenneth Williford



IV. Bodily Self, Neuroscience, and Psychiatric Approaches

The Senses of a Bodily Self
Shaun Gallagher 

Pre-Reflective Self-Awareness in Psychotic Disorders
Andreas Heinz

Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness as a Bodily Trait
Marc Borner

V. Debate: First-Person and Non-Conceptual Consciousness

The Ubiquity of Self-Awareness
Tomis Kapitan

Non-Conceptual Egological Self-Awareness
Stefan Lang

Egological Ubiquity: Response to Stefan Lang
Tomis Kapitan

On Contemporary Philosophy and Sociology

Stationen einer Freundschaft
Dieter Henrich

The Logic of Conspiracy Thought: A Research Agenda for an Era of Institutional Distrust and Fake News
Luis Roniger and Leonardo Senkman



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