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Vol. 35, 2018 – forthcoming (Vol. 36, 2019)

Joint Commitments: Critical Essays on the Philosophy of Sociality of Margaret Gilbert with Her Comments




Part I Plural Subjects and Joint Commitment

Collectivity and Commitment
Michael Schmitz

Joint Commitment
Thomas Smith

Speaker Meaning and Joint Commitment
Marija Jankovich

Is the Social World Grounded in Joint Commitments?
David Schweikard

Part II Emotions and Group Identification

Emotional Sharing, Perspective Taking and Group-Identification
Dan Zahavi, Felipe León

Collective Emotions and Normativity
Mikko Salmela

Why it takes you and me to be us
Antonella Carassa and Marco Columbetti



Part III Belief, Acceptance, and Rationality at the Group Level

Individual and Group Reasons for Belief
Frederick F. Schmitt

The Limits of Collective Acceptance
Raul A. Hakli, Pekka Mäkelä

The empirical Relevance of Gilbert’s Account of Collective Beliefs
Alban Bouvier

Coordination and Hyperrationality
Paul Weirich

Part IV  Promises and Patriotism

Our Promise, My Right 
Jeffrey Helmreich

A (Neutral) Commitment to Country: Gilbert's Unpatriotic Patriotism
Maura Priest