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Vol. 33, 2016 (forthcoming)

The Borders of Global Theory –
Reflections from Within and Without

Edited by Barrie Axford





Barrie Axford (Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom)

Poetics of Failure and Denial and ‘Global’ Theory in the Times of the Anthopocene
Anna Agathangelou (York University, Canada)

Emergent Globalities in Mind and Matter: Unpicking the Vagaries of Global Constitution
Barrie Axford (Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom)

Autonomy, Self-determination and Agency in a Global Context
Didem Buhari Gulmez (Istanbul Kemerburgaz, University Turkey, Turkey)

Title not yet fixed
Jonathan Friedman (University of California San Diego, United States of America)

Globality and the Moral Ecology of the World: A Theoretical Exploration
Khondker Habib (Zayed University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)





On the Political Theory of 'Think Cosmically, Act Globally'
Heikki Patomaki (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Frontiers and Limitations of the Global
Robertson Roland (University of Aberdeen, Scotland, Pittsburgh, United States of America)

Reflections on Trends and Tendencies
J.-A Scholte (University of Gothenberg, Sweden)

From Global Theory to Glocal Theory:
America’s Pacific Century and the Global Imaginary
Manfred Steger (University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Honolulu)

A Geo-History of Globalization
Peter Taylor (Loughborough University, United Kingdom)

The Neglect of Beauty: What’s in and what’s out of Global Theorising and why?
Heather Widdows (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)