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Vol. 37, 2020, forthcoming

Populism and Globalization

Edited by Barrie Axford and Manfred B. Steger





Barrie Axford and Manfred B. Steger

People's parties and the people in Central Europe since the start of the migration crisis 2014-15: How to reconnect in order to fight populism?
Roland Benedikter

Haiti and the populist imagination
Nadege T. Clitandre

Why is populism so popular? The rise of populism in hegemonic declines
Jonathan Friedman

On populist nationalism, deglobalization and the potential collapse of the liberal world order
Heikki Patomäki
No going back? Late modernity and the populisation of politics
Simon Tormey

It’s not the economy stupid! The rise of global authoritarian populism: scenes from the post-Soviet Space
Rico Isaacs

Economic Populism: Trump, Tariffs and Trade Wars
Amy Skonieczny

Populism and Fascism: Global Convergences and Contradictions in Unsettled Times
Paul James

Globalization, cosmopolitanism & the rise of populism
Victor Roudometof