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Radical Interpretation, Ontology and the Structure of Language

Gerhard Preyer: On Donald Davidson's Philosophy: An Outline

Richard Manning: All Facts Great and Small

Barbara Fultner: Holism and the Molecular Theory of Meaning

Louis Goble: Re-Evaluating Supervaluations

David Simpson: Interpretation and Skill: On the Passing Theory

Wulf Kellerwessel: Katz on Semantics and Pragmatics




Externalism and the Individuation of Content

Ron Wilburn: Knowledge, Content and the Wellstrings of Objectivity

Anthony Brueckner: Content Externalism and A Priori Knowledge

Consuelo Preti: The Irrelevance of Supervenience

Michael Liston: Externalist Determinants of Reference

Arnold Silverberg: Semantic Externalism. A Response to Chomsky Semantics and Normativity

Gerhard Preyer: Interpretation and Rationality: Steps from Radical Interpretation to the Externalism of Triangulation


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Vol. 11, 1998

Cognitive Semantics II: Externalism in Debate