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Changing China:
Dealing with Diversity

Class, Citizenship and Individualization in China's Modernization
Björn Alpermann

Chinese Nation-Building as, Instead of, and Before Globalization
Andrew Kipnis

Principles for Cosmopolitan Societies: Values for Cosmopolitan Places
John R. Gibbins

On Modernization:
Law, Business, and Economy in China

Modernizing Chinese Law: The Protection of Private Property in China
Sanzhu Zhu

Chinese Organizations as Groups of People – Towards a Chinese
Business Administration
Peter J. Peverelli

Income Gaps in Economic Development: Differences among Regions, Occupational Groups and Ethnic Groups
Ma Rong


Thinking Differentiations:
Chinese Origin and the Western Culture?

Signs and Wonders: Christianity and Hybrid Modernity in China
Richard Madsen

Confucianism, Puritanism, and the Transcendental: China and America
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein

China and the Town Square Test
Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

Metaphor, Poetry and Cultural Implicature
Ying Zhang

On Contemporary Philosophy

Can Science Change our Notion of Existence?
Jody Azzouni

The Epistemological Significance of Practices
Alan Millar

On Cappelen and Hawthrone's "Relativism and Monadic Truth"
J. Adam Carter




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Vol. 28/2011

China's Modernization I

Edited by Georg Peter and
Reuß-Markus Krauße