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Meaning, Truth and the Use of Language

Herman Cappelen, Ernie Lepore: Semantic Theory and Indirect Speech

Kirk Ludwig: The Truth about Moods

Louise Röska-Hardy: Language Acts and Action

Jeffrey King: The Source(s) of Necessity

Filip Buekens: The Genesis of Meaning (a Myth) 

Reference, Indexicals and Speaker Meaning

Robert Hanna: Extending Direct Reference

Reinaldo Elugardo: Descriptions, Indexicals and Speaker Meaning

Peter Ludlow: Semantics, Tense, and Time: a Note on Tenseless Truth-Conditions for Token-Reflexive Tensed Sentences

Gerhard Preyer: Verstehen, Referenz, Wahrheit. Über Hilary Putnams Philosophie

Rational Dialetheism of Antinomies

Mark Sainsbury: Can Rational Dialetheism Be Refuted By Considerations about Negation and Denial?



Contemporary Debates in the
Philosophy of Mind

Klaus Sachs-Hombach: Philosophy of Mind: Die Simulationstheorie

In Retrospect

Joseph Agassi: Wittgenstein -- The End of a Myth

Kent A. Peacock, Richard Feist: The Einstein-DeSitter Controversy


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Vol. 10, 1997

Cognitive Semantics I: Conceptions of Meaning