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From Mentalizing Folk to Social Epistemology

The Mentalizing Folk
Alvin I. Goldman

Belief and Acceptance as Features of Groups
Margaret Gilbert

Collective Agents and Cognitive Attitudes
Anthonie Meijers

Challenging Epistemic Individualism
Deborah Perron Tollefsen

Externalism, Events and Institutional Facts

From an Externalistic Point of View: Understanding the Social
Gerhard Preyer

Are "Contexts and Events" Equivalent?
Possibilities for an Ontological Symbiosis
Steven Miller

Institutional Facts and the Naturalistic Fallacy. Confronting Searle (1964) with Searle (1995)
Frank A. Hindriks



Group Responsibility and the Consensus Account of Justified Belief

Group Action and Group Responsibility
Pekka Mäkelä and Raimo Tuomela

Collective Commitment: A Theoretical Understanding of Human Cooperation
Lambèr Royakkers and Vincent Buskens

Justification and Consensus: The Peircean Approach
Frederick F. Schmitt

On Contemporary Philosophy and Social Sciences

How I Came to Know Quine: A Reminiscence
Roger F. Gibson

Responsibility and Globalization
Hans Lenk, Matthias Maring


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Vol. 16, 2002

Understanding the Social:
New Perspectives from Epistemology