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Vol. 35, 2018

Joint Commitments: Critical Essays on the Philosophy of Sociality of Margaret Gilbert with Her Comments

Edited by Gerhard Preyer and Georg Peter (abstracts)




Introduction: Social Ontology Revisited
Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter

Part I:
Joint Commitment, Obligations and Rights

Steps to a Naturalistic Account of Human Deontology
Antonella Carassa and Marco Colombetti

Joint Commitment
Thomas H. Smith

Part II
Collective Belief, Conversation, and Telling

The Empirical Relevance of the Joint Commitment Model of Collective Beliefs in the Social Sciences: Strength and Weakness
Alban Bouvier

Remarks on Conversation and Negotiated Collective Belief
Frederick F. Schmitt

Telling and Mutual Obligations in Communicative Action
Marija Jankovic

Part III
Collective Emotions and Emotional Sharing

How We Feel: Collective Emotions Without Joint Commitments
Felipe León and Dan Zahavi

Collective Emotions and Normativity
Mikko Salmela

Part IV
Plural Subjects, “We”,
Coordination and Convention

Social Complexes and Aspects
Donald L. M. Baxter

We are no Plural Subject
Ludger Jansen

Coordination and Hyperrationality
Paul Weirich




Part V
Promising and Patriotism

The Bounds of Morality: Gilbert on Promissory Obligation
Jeffrey S. Helmreich

Patriotism: Commitment, not Pride
Maura Priest

Part VI
Replies, Bibliography

Further Reflections on the Social World
Margaret Gilbert

Margaret Gilbert

On Contemporary Sociology
and Philosophy

From Multiple Modernities to Multiple Globalizations
Eliezer Ben-Rafael

The Meaning(s) of Structural Rationality
Rebecca Gutwald and Niina Zuber

Building bridges within and across Husserlian phenomenology
Joona Taipale


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