The Journal

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Vol. 33, 2016

The Borders of Global Theory –
Reflections from Within and Without

Edited by Barrie Axford (abstracts)




Introduction: Global Scholarship from Within and Without
Barrie Axford

Thinking Globally –
What Does it Mean Today?

Reflections on “Critical Thinking” in Global Studies
Manfred B. Steger

Globality and the Moral Ecology of the World: A Theoretical Exploration
Habibul Haque Khondker

Real Leaps in the Times of the Anthropocene: Failure and Denial and ‘Global’ Thought
Anna M. Agathangelou

On the Possibility of a Global Political Community: The Enigma of ‘Small Local Differences’ within Humanity
Heikki Patomäki






Insights from the Galaxy of Scholarship

Geohistory of Globalizations
Peter J. Taylor

Autonomy, Self-determination and Agency in a Global Context
Didem Buhari Gulmez

The Neglect of Beauty: What’s In and What’s Out of Global Theorising and Why?
Heather Widdows

Mastery Without Remainder? Connection, Digital Mediatization and the Constitution of Emergent Globalities
Barrie Axford

Global Theory – To be Continued

Whither Global Theory?
Jan Aart Scholte


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