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ProtoSociology is an interdisciplinary journal which crosses the borders of philosophy, social sciences, and their corresponding disciplines for more than two decades. Each issue concentrates on a specific topic taken from the current discussion to which scientists from different fields contribute the results of their research.

Volume 34 – 2017: Meaning and Publicity. Ed. by Richard N. Manning


Volume 35 2018 (forthcoming): Joint Commitments: Critical Essays on the Philosophy of Sociality of Margaret Gilbert with Her Comments

New: ProtoSciology cooperates now with the Philosophy Documentation Center to provide easy online access for institutional and single users.

ProtoSociology is further a project that examines the nature of mind, language and social systems. In this context theoretical work has been done by investigating such theoretical concepts like interpretation and (social) action, globalization, the global world-system, social evolution, and the sociology of membership. Our purpose is to initiate and enforce basic research on relevant topics from different perspectives and traditions.

New Publications:

Soziologische Theorie der Gegenwartsgesellschaft I, II, III (2. überarb. Aufl.) Gerhard Preyer

Social Ontology and Collective Intentionality:
Critical Essays on the Philosophy of Raimo Tuomela with His Responses
Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter (Eds.)

Ohnmächtige Weltmacht China: Modernisierung ohne Harmonie,
Gerhard Preyer, Reuß-Markus Krauße

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