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In Raimo Tuomela’s recent account social groups are viewed as functional group agents to which mental state predicates can be attributed by the group members and others. Such group agents are not persons and they do not possess intrinsic, but only extrinsic, intentionality. They basically consist of the group members and their interrelations (and, e.g, in the case of organizations also of necessary material “tools”). Tuomela focuses in his theory on the full shared we-perspective of the members of groups. Accordingly, the social domain is constituted largely by members of groups, their roles, status functions, and expectations.  Group membership  presupposes mutual knowledge of membership.

The volume is made up of critical evaluations of Tuomela’s recent book Social Ontology: Collective Intentionality and Group Agents (OUP, 2013). Tuomela’s account of social ontology, social groups and group agents as well as group reasoning and social institutions are discussed from different perspectives in the evaluations.

Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter (Eds.)

Social Ontology and Collective Intentionality

Critical Essays on the Philosophy of Raimo Tuomela with His Responses

Introduction: Raimo Tuomela’s Philosophy of Sociality, Gerhard Preyer and Georg Peter

I Collective Intentionality,  Membership, and Reasoning,

Kirk Ludwig
Methodological Individualism, the We-mode, and Team reasoning
Response by Raimo Tuomela

Michael Schmitz
What is a Mode Account of Collective Intentionality?
Response by Raimo Tuomela

Hans Bernhard Schmid
What Kind of Mode is the We-Mode?
On Raimo Tuomela’s Account of Collective Intentionality
Response by Raimo Tuomela

David Schweikard
Voluntary Groups, Noncompliance, and Conflicts of Reasons: Tuomela on Acting as a Group-Member.
Response by Raimo Tuomela

Raul Hakli,  Pekka Mäkelä
Planning in the We-mode
Response by Raimo Tuomela

II Social Ontology and Social Institutions

Arto Laitinen
We-mode Collective Intentionality and its Place in Social Reality
Response by Raimo Tuomela

Martin Rechenauer
Tuomela meets Burge. Another Argument for Anti-Individualism
Response by Raimo Tuomela



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