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Protosociology plays an important role among philosophy journals with connected contributions on important and breaking topics – such the nature and special features of collective cognitive states – that do not receive such generous attention in other journals. It isworth serious consideration for inclusion in a library's philosophy collection.
Margaret Gilbert, Storrs (USA)

The journal Protosociology has become an important forum for discussion in the philosophy of social science and of sociality and, more broadly, for theoretical discussion in social science. It is especially interesting and important that such new fields as social metaphysics and social epistemology as well as research related to collective intentionality and its applications have acquired a prominent place in the agenda of Protosociology.
Raimo Tuomela (Finland)

"Protosociology occupies an important position in the european intellectual scene, bridging philosophy, economics, sociology and related disciplines. Its volumes on rationality bring together concerns in all these topics, and present an important challenge to the cognitive sciences."
Donald Davidson, Berkeley (USA)

"Protosociology publishes original papers of great interest that deal with fundamental issues in the human and social science. No academic library is complete without it."
Nicholas Rescher, Pittsburgh (USA)

"Protosociology has been remarkably successful in publishing interesting work from different tradition and different disciplines and, as the title signals, in giving that work a new, eye-catching slant."
Philip Pettit, Canberra, (Australia )

"Protosociology is a truly premier interdisciplinary journal that publishes articles and reviews on timely topics written by and for a wide range of international scholars. The recent volumes on rationality are remarkable for their breadth and depth. Protosociology would be a great addition to any library."   
Roger Gibson, St. Louis (USA)

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