The Journal

The Project


In General:

Please avoid any formatting to make your article look like a book. The less formatting there is the easier it is for us. Use tabs not space to insert text. Even no special formatting for notes or the bibliography.

We prefer the Chicago Manual of Style author-date system for notes and bibliographies (which is different to the humanities style).


should not exceed 20 pages in print, which means approximately 7,500 words or 42,000 characters. 15 pages (5,500 words or 32,000 characters) are the preferred length.


We can accept only figures and pictures in a proper style and genuine graphics format like TIFF, JPEG, psd, AI a.s.o. Each one has to be in an own file which means no implemented graphics in a text file.
Definitely no Powerpoint (it's only a gadget)!!



Try to use common font types. If you have to use special characters for foreign languages or logical symbols please attach the font files and notify the editor.


Guidelines for Contributors

An abstract

of 100-150 words in English should precede the manuscript.


Use italics to indicate titles of works, foreign terms, or for emphasis. Do not use bold or underline. If you would like to use boldface type for another purpose (such as highlighting words found in a glossary), check with the editor for approval.

Main text

Do not double-space between paragraphs.

Use only one font (except symbols etc.)

No two spaces after a period.

Do not make any Note at the end of the headlines.


Don't use a tab or space to indent the beginning of a new paragraph (it doesn't matter if the indention is part of an style).


It doesn't matter if you use footnotes or endnotes. We will convert them in any case to footnotes because these are better to read especially in a digital document.

Single-space notes; do not insert line spaces between notes.

Truncate page ranges in the following style: 1-5, 10-11, 15-19, 100-101, 105-9, 147-48.

We prefer Chicago Manual of Style author-date note style, as shown in the following examples.

Here is the correct way to format several types of notes


Author-Date System


Type of Entry

Reference List Form

Citation in Text

Book-single author

Johnson, D. 1947. Bad Luck. NewYork: Pantheon.

(Johnson 1947, 42).

Book - more than one author

Dick, W. and J. Harry, eds. 1954. The End of Infinity. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp.

(Dick and Harry 1954)

Article/Chapter from a book

Whiteman, O. 1930. "Behind Facts." In The Art of Phenomenology, edited by F. Miller and C. Jones, 803-33. London: Macmillan.

(Whiteman 1930, 812)

Article from a journal

Frankenfurter, W. 2005." How to ignore Guidelines." ProtoSociology 22: 120-8.

(Frankenfurter 2005)

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