Part III: Philosophical Geography

8. The Short Happy Life of the Swampman: Interpretation and Social Externalism in Davidson
Mario De Caro

9. The Externalism of Triangulation
Gerhard Preyer

10. Triangulation in Action: A rationalizing proposal
Ingvald Fergestad and Bjorn Ramberg

11. Triangulation and Philosophy: A Davidsonian Landscape
Jeff Malpas


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Introduction: Mind, Knowledge, and Communication in Triangular Externalism

Part I: The Epistemological Turn

1. Triangulation and Philosophical Skepticism
Claudine Verheggen

2. Triangulation between Externalism and Internalism
M. Cristina Amoretti

3. Triangulation Triangulated
Kirk Ludwig

4. Triangulation and Objectivity: Squaring the Circle?
Adina L. Roskies

Part II: Communication and Environment

5. Knowing Me, Knowing You: Triangulation and Its Discontents
Fredrik Stjernberg

6. Triangulation and the Beasts
Dorit Bar-On and Matthew Priselac

7. Interpreting Assertions
Sanford C
. Goldberg



Maria Cristina Amoretti, Gerhard Preyer (Eds.)

Triangulation –
From an Epistemological Point of View



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