Philosophy of Mind and Theory of Action

Louise M. Antony (Raleigh, USA): The Inadequacy of Anomalous Monism as a Realist Theory of Mind

Louise Röska-Hardy (Darmstadt, Germany): Internalism, Externalism and Davidsons Conception of the Mental

Marcia Cavell (Berkeley, USA): Dividing the Self

Ralf Stoecker (Bielefeld, Germany): Willensschwäche - Wie ist das nur möglich?

Klaus Puhl (Graz, Austria): Davidson on intentional Content and Self-Knowledge

Johannes Brandl (Salzburg, Austria): Sharing Beliefs and the Myth of the Subjective

Kirk A. Ludwig (Gainesville, USA): First Person Knowledge and Authority

Gerhard Preyer (Frankfurt/ Main, Germany): Rationalität: Absichten, Primärgründe und praktisches Denken,

Donald Davidson: Dialectic and Dialogue

The Journal

The Project


Gerhard Preyer, Frank Siebelt, Alexander Ulfig: Introduction: On Donald Davidson's Philosophy

Philosophy of Language

Jerry Fodor, Ernie Lepore (New Brunswick, USA): Meaning, Holism, and the Problem of Extensionality;

Olav Gjelsvik (Oslo, Norway): Davidson's Use of Truth in Accounting for Meaning;

Wilhelm K. Essler (Frankfurt/Main, Germany): Was ist Wahrheit?

Arend Kulenkampff (Frankfurt/Main, Germany): Eigennamen und Kennzeichnungen


Roger F. Gibson (St. Louis, USA): Quine and Davidson: Two Naturalized Epistemologists

Eva Picardi (Bolongna, Italy): Davidson and Quine on Observation Sentences

Ralf Naumann (Düsseldorf, Germany): Events and Externalism

Dorit Bar-On (Chapel Hill, USA): Conceptual Relativism and Translation

David K. Henderson (Memphis, USA): Conceptual Schemes after Davidson

Frank Siebelt (Frankfurt/Main, Germany): Singular Causal Sentences and two Relational Views



Gerhard Preyer,Frank Siebelt, Alexander Ulfig (Eds.)


On Donald Davidson's Philosophy



Springer Verlag,
Series: Synthese Library, Wien 1997