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Yvonne Raley, Gerhard Preyer

Part I – Education in a Globalized Society

1. How Should We Educate Students Whose Cultures Frown upon Rational Disputation?: Cultural Difference and the Role of Reason in Multicultural Democratic Education
Harvey Siegel

2. Can Liberals Take their own Side in an Argument?
Robert Talisse

3. Literacy and Citizenship: Tradition, Reason, and Critique in Democratic Education
Hanan Alexander

4. After all, How Small is the World; Global Citizenship as an Educational Ideal
Doret de Ruyter

5.  Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainability
Randall Curren


Part II – New Pedagogical Approaches

1. Why They Hate Us: A Pedagogical Proposal

Irfan Khawaja

2. Global Aspirations for Gender Equality in Education: What Kind of Pedagogy
Elaine Unterhalter and Amy North

3. “Let Us Now Praise…” Rethinking Role Models and Heroes in an Egalitarian Age
Meira Levinson


Yvonne Raley, Gerhard Preyer (Eds.)

Living in a Global World
New Essays in the Philosophy of Education

Part III– Moral and Religious Education

1. Privilege, Wellbeing, and Participation in Higher Education
Harry Brighouse, Paula McAvoy

2. In Defense of Multiculturalism
Mark Halstead

3.  Children’s Autonomy and Symbolic Clothing in Schools: Help or Hindrance
Dianne Gereluk

4.  Global Religious Education
Peter Simpson



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