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In contemporary philosophy and social science the features of rationality play a new significant role in the theory of mind, language, action, decision theory and in questions of cross cultural understanding. The approaches do not conceive of rationality as a subjective a priori principle of reasoning; they present a different attitude towards questions of conceptualizing rationality, and this is a first step towards contextualized understanding of rationality. We can only grasp what rationality means in this way.

Rationality is not given but is rather a result of our conceptualizing and a matter of contextualization and this is also a question of rationalization of means for our personal and our collective goals. The reader presents an outline on contemporary orientations about the subject of understanding "rationality" along the main topics in philosophy, theory of language, and social science. Topics are radical interpretation, naturalized epistemology and normativity; intentions and the social aspects of rationality; and concepts of explanation, justification and reality.


Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter (Eds.)

The Contextualization of Rationality

Introduction: Problems, Concepts and Theories of Rationality

Radical Interpretation, Naturalized Epistemology and Normativity

John Heil
The Propositional Attitudes

David K. Henderson
Epistemic Rationality, Epistemic Motivation, and Interpretive Charity

Gerhard Preyer
Interpretation and Rationality: Steps from Radical Interpretation to the Externalism of Triangulation

Roger F. Gibson
Stich on Intentionality and Rationality

Paul K. Moser and David Yandell
Against Naturalizing Rationality

Harvey Siegel
Naturalism, Instrumental Rationality, and the Normativity of Epistemology

Intentions and the Social Aspect
of Rationality

Alfred R. Mele
Rational Intentions and the Toxin Puzzle

Peter Gärdenfors
The Social Stance

Timo Airaksinen and Katri Kaalikoski
Instrumental Rationality

Raimo Tuomela
Rational Cooperation and Collective Goals

Peter French
Rationality and Ethics

Julian Nida-Rümelin
The Plurality of Good Reasons and the Theory of Practical Rationality

Concepts of Explanation,
Justification and Reality

Philip Pettit
Three Aspects of Rational Explanation

Keith Lehrer
Rationality and Trustworthiness

Alexander Ulfig
Validity, Justification and Rationality

Nicholas Rescher
Reason and Reality



Mentis Verlag
Reihe: "Perspektiven der Analytischen Philosophie",
Paderborn 2000