II Truth, Semantic Content, and Externalism

7 The Truth about Moods
Kirk Ludwig

8 Semantic Theory and Indirect Speech
Herman Cappelen and Ernie Lepore

9 All Facts Great and Small
Richard N. Manning

10 Knowledge, Content, and the Wellsprings of Objectivity
Ron Wilburn

11 Interpretation and Skill: On Passing Theory
David Simpson



The Journal

The Project


Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter, Maria Ulkan

I Speaker Meaning, Communication, and Intentions

1 Communicative and Illocutionary Acts
Maria Ulkan

2 Language Acts and Action
Louise Röska-Hardy

3 Reflections on the Intentionality of Linguistic Behavior
Jan Nuyts

4 Descriptions, Indexicals, and Speaker Meaning
Reinaldo Elugardo

5 Informatives and/or Directives?
(A New Start in Speech Act Classification)
Georg Meggle, Maria Ulkan

6 Constructive Speech-Act Theory
Dirk Hartmann




Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter, Maria Ulkan (Eds.)

Concepts of Meaning

Framing an Integrated Theory of Linguistic Behavior



Springer Verlag
Philosophical Studies Series Vol. 92, Wien 2003