Part III
Content, Psychological Concepts and Metaphysics

Henry Jackman
Minimalism, Psychological Reality, Meaning and Use

Reinaldo Elugardo
Minimal Propositions, Cognitive Safety Mechanisms, and Psychological Reality

Philip Robbins
Minimalism and Modularity

Samuel Wheeler
Notes on the Line in the Sand: Plato, Cappelen and Lepore

Herman Cappelen and Ernie Lepore
On Minimal Propositions

The Journal

The Project



Part I
Content and What Is Said

Emma Borg 
Defining the Minimalist Program in Semantics

Kepa Korta and John Perry
Radical Minimalism, Moderate contextualism

Kenneth A. Taylor
A Little Sensitivity goes a Long Way.

John MacFarlane
Semantic Minimalism and Nonindexical Contextualism

Lenny Clapp
Minimal (Disagreement about) Semantics

Jay Atlas
Meanings, Propositions, Context, and Semantical Underdeterminacy

Part II
Content, Context and Communication

Peter Pagin, Francis Jeffry Pelletier
Content, Context and Composition

Sarah-Jane Leslie
Moderatly Insensitive Semantics

Eros Corazza and Jerome Dokic
Sense and Insensitivity: Or where Minimalism meets Contextualism

Ishani Maitra
How and Why to Be a Moderate Contextualist

Elisabeth Camp
Prudent Semantics Meets Wanton Speech Act Pluralism

Herman Cappelen and Ernie Lepore
On the Semantic Significance of Disquotational Reporting


Gerhard Preyer and Georg Peter (Eds.)

Context-Sensitivity and Semantic Minimalism

Essays on Semantics and Pragmatics



Oxford University Press, 2007