Part II Subjectivity and the First Person

Varieties of Subjectivity
Manfred Frank

The Problem of Subjectivity: Dieter Henrich's Turn
Gerhard Preyer

Self-Ascription and Self-Awareness
Neil Feit

First Person is Not Just a Perspective:
Thought, Reality and the Limits of Interpretation.
Jocelyn Benoist

First-Person Perspective and Immunity to Error Through Misidentification
Shaun Gallagher

Seeing Subjectivity: Defending a Perceptual Account of Other Minds
Joel Krueger and Søren Overgaard

First Person and Minimal Self-Consciousness
Thor Grünbaum

The Paradoxes of Subjectivity and the Projective Structure of Consciousness.
Kenneth Williford, David Rudrauf and Gregory Landini



Name and Subject Index

The Journal

The Project


Introduction: Are There Blindspots in Thinking About Consciousness and Subjectivity?
Sofia Miguens and Gerhard Preyer

Part I Consciousness and Experience

Sensation and Apperception
Hilary Putnam

Presentational Phenomenology
Elijah Chudnoff

The Content, Intentionality, and Phenomenology of Experience
Michelle Montague

Perceptual Aquaintance and Informational Content
Donovan Wishon

Personal-Level Representation
Uriah Kriegel

While Under the Influence
Charles Travi

Sofia Miguens, Gerhard Preyer (Eds.)

Consciousness and Subjectivity



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