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Geographical Overview
Analytical Philosophy of Action

Part I Enigmas of Agency

1. The Reference of Action Description
(a) Attributing and Ascribing Action
(b) On Critique of the Identity Theory
(c) Actions and Body Movement
(d) What a Theory of Action is possible?

2. Explaining Action
(a) Theoretical and Practical Thinking
(b) Belief and Intention
(c) Practical Thought
(i) Situation
(ii) Intention
(iii) Practical Thought

(d) An Intentional Explanation



Gerhard Preyer

Intention and Practical Thought

Part II Practical Reasoning

1. Decision and the Execution of Intention
2. Practical Inference
3. The Humean Theory of Motivation
4. Evaluative Attitude
(i) The Extent of the Unified Theory
(ii) Cognitive and Evaluative Attitudes

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