Part III: Radical Contextualism

8. The Elugardo-Problem
9. Analyzing Utterance Meaning
10. Indexicality

Detailed Table of Contents

The Journal

The Project



Part I : Radical Interpretation, Logical Form and Events

1. Donald Davidson’s Philosophy: An Overview
2. Truth, Meaning and Radical Interpretation
2.1. From Radical Interpretation to Radical Externalism
2.2. From the Idiolect Theory to the Third Dogma of Empiricism
2.3. The Dismantling of a Myth
2.4. On Epistemic Restrictions of Understanding .
3. The Logical Form of Action Sentences and Singular Causal Statements
3.1. Logical Form and Adverbial Modification .
3.2. Causal Relations

Part II: Primary Reasons, Body Movements and Actions

4. The Logical-Connection Argument
5. Basic Acts
6. Primary Reasons and the Identity-Thesis
6.1. Pro Attitudes, Beliefs, Primitive Actions and their Causal Relations
6.2. From Anomalism of the Mental to the Unified Theory
7. Flight from Body Movements .
7.1. I. Thalberg’s Theory of Action and the Accordion Effect .
7.2. A. I. Goldman’s Critique on the Identity-Thesis
7.3. Body Movement, Events as Actions and their Causation
7.4. On Hempel’s Account


Gerhard Preyer

Donald Davidson’s Philosophy

From Radical Interpretation to Radical Contextualism



Verlag Humanities Online, Frankfurt am Main 2001, 323 p., 15.- €